Tunngle 5.8.6 Phoenix – Light your Fire!

Today is the day we release Tunngle 5.8.6 Phoenix!
This new version contains a brand new driver that should hopefully solve some of the adapter problems on the newer Microsoft Operating Systems and a brand new game launcher that can be activated by using the red “Play” button that you find in our gaming networks.
The new game launcher comes with a full range of new options including the ability to automatically create Windows Firewall rules for the game exe, the ability to utilize a third-party plug-in like ForceBind to force games to use the Tunngle adapter and the option to Run the game as Admin.

Finally we found and fixed many problems with the client including:
– Tunngle.exe and Tnglctrl.exe crashes
– Tunngle not starting
– Sponsor window hanging the client on start or on close
– Unclosable sponsor window
– Error 2-109 erroneously occurring at startup
– Tunngle service errors (which could cause red x, disconnects etc.)
– Messenger windows stealing focus from games (!)
5.8.6 also fixes the red x issue when switching networks.

Thanks to all the forum members that helped with testing!

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Download Tunngle here: http://bit.ly/Phoenix586