GameSpy Games Rescue – Tunngle Artwork Contest completed

We were really happy with your participation to the contest. Your works were amazing and voting the best one wasn’t an easy task.

Tunngler Shouvik Talukder (of course) wins the Coupon Code worth 1 Tunngle Lifetime Upgrade for his nice Batman and Joker spoof (take a look onto the full rankings and check out the winning artwork!)

We decided to award four more codes!
Here is the list of players that got a Lifetime Code:

Shouvik Talukder
Meshuggah BG
Black Snow Princess
Ash D

tunnglelifetime Grats you earned it! Enjoy Tunngle Premium for Life and keep up your good support.

Fan Project – Tunngle Skin

We like to share a great Fan Project from Tunngler Mike Harper with you. A new Tunngle Community Skin called  ‘Metal Black’. You’ll find Mikes Skinfile in the Tunngle Download SectionClick here to join the forum discussion.

Stargate – Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles continue to live on Tunngle


As you all know the GameSpy Service, which provides the multiplayer support for several games including Star Wars Empire at War and it’s Addon, will be shut down by the end of May.
Tunngle is the perfect solution to keep all this great Games and the work of all Game-Modders around the world alive. Contact us and we’re sure there is a warm welcome for you, your work and your community.
Game Developers are welcome too. Don’t be shy, say hello 🙂

Tunngle is partnering with the Stargate Modding Group and here is a actual news from these nice guys about their actual changes around the Mod:
Stargate – Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles

Happy Easter dear community!

We are very happy to be able to give you an update regarding the survival of the multiplayer mode within the news.

As you know, GameSpy, the company that powers the multiplayer mode at the moment, will be shut down by the end of May. When this happens you will not be able to create matches via the regular Internet lobby anymore.

We tried to find a substitute that provides as many of the well known community functions as possible…


The solution for the multiplayer issue of the Empire at War/Forces of Corruption’s community is
Tunngle! This tool provides, apart from dedicated permanent lobbies for Empire at War and Forces of Corruption, friend lists and chat rooms.

If some of you tried this tool a while ago to host matches it probably didn’t work. Until lately the lobbies of Empire at War and Forces of Corruption had the wrong settings applied to them, before we contacted the developers of the tool to correct the issue; we were able to solve the problem together with them.

After a great co-operation we would like to thank the Tunngle developers for their great support!

To keep the usage of the multiplayer mode as simple as possible for our community we have enhanced our Mod Launcher.

After the next update of the launcher you will be able to type in your Tunngle Login at the new menu tab “Multiplayer settings”. If you have Tunngle installed you will be logged in into a special Tunngle lobby created for our mod when you start Stargate – Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles.


Now you are able to host your matches via the menu point “LAN”.


You can download Tunngle for free >> here <<

We hope that several of the other modding groups will follow us in using Tunngle so the multiplayer mode could live on in a single place.

To celebrate the survival of the multiplayer mode and to thank GameSpy for their long service we will hold a “Goodbye GameSpy” multiplayer event in the second half of May. As usual you will be able to ask the developers of our mod questions or battle against them during this event. If you need help to set up Tunngle we will also help you with that!

More information about this event will follow in the next few weeks.

Sincerely yours,

PS: Sadly our homepage is still not online. If you want to be up to date on this topic follow us on any of our social network pages:

Mod DB
Stargate EaW Homepage

Space strategy fans rejoice! Today is Mass Effect Reborn release day!

This awesome MOTY 2013 award nominee Homeworld 2 Mod is completely free and a must have in your game collection ( get it here for free).
We’re happy to announce that Tunngle is partnering with Phoenix Interactive Inc. to give you the best multiplayer experience.
The war to retake Earth begins now. Prepare to fight the Reapers for the very survival of all sentient life.

We’re ready! And you?
Join the “Phoenix Interactive” Tunngle Network (listed under Communities) and start playing now!
For all the real time strategy fans out there, Mass Effect Reborn is a must have in your collection!
Your wait for the perfect space game is over! Get Tunngle and start playing for free!
Tunngle and Phoenix Interactive Inc. are partnering to give you the best multiplayer experience!
To check out this stunning free Homeworld 2 Mod developed by Phoenix Interactive Inc. on Mod DB:

Join the fun playing Mass Effect Reborn on Tunngle!

Gamedevelopers wanted – Powerful Tunngle API

The Tunngle API is a really powerful tool for all those programs that need to interact with Tunngle itself. Let your game or program interact with the Tunngle API to perform a series of tasks like start or close Tunngle, user login, joining a network and a lot of more. The perfect symbiosis of your development and Tunngle will save your money because Tunngles huge public or private networks make needed servers redundant. Take a look onto the Tunngle API Documentation for more information and feel free to contact us directly.