Tunngle 5.8.8 Eagle – Fly High!

Today is the day we release Tunngle 5.8.8 Eagle

This new version includes a lot of fixes and brand new features like the Upload Limiter
(to optimize the bandwidth usage) and the Game Finder (try this if you find few games in a certain game).

Let our work speak for ourselves:
– Improved: Network Engine and Service Overhaul (fixes disconnects, crashes etc.).
– Improved: Better peer to peer connectivity.
– Fixed: A lot of red X glitches.
– New: Traffic Controller (limit upload bandwidth).
– New: Game Finder (turn on if you have issues with game discovery and switch setting to find the best for your game).
– Fixed: Friend list grey or not updating.
– Fixed: Parental control opening every time.
– Improved: Adapter detection and startup.
– Fixed: Bookmarks not saving.
– Improved: Client start page and right sidebar (now shows topics).
– Fixed: Network_Range emulator.
– Fixed: Network adapter for local connectivity reverting to auto.
– Fixed: Wrong online status displayed for friends.
– Improved: Smaller client minimum size for Basic Plus, Premium and Lifetime.
– Improved: Setup process.
– Improved: Network join process.
– Improved: Removed uneeded embedded browser plugins.
– Fixed: Banners stealing focus.
– Fixed: Tunngle DNS is now disabled by default (should help the ones with web browsing issues).
– Improved: Added more network filters.
– Improved: Master server connection should now be less prone to errors.
– Fixed: Forcebind install loop glitch.

Thanks to all the forum members that helped with testing (thank list is really long this time)!

The forum is your friend if you have any issue and for testing new beta versions.

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For the full list of changes please check our Full changelog

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Download Tunngle here: https://www.tunngle.net/en/download