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TMM: Entourage by Chocolate Ship Games

Check out this new cool game by Chocolate Ship Games. It’s really worth it!
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LogoArt5Hello fellow Tunnglers,

we are Chocolate Ship Games and would like to promote our upcoming game TMM: Entourage. In a nutshell it is a top down shooter with combos, turret and unit production, set in a steampunk universe. At first glance our game shares a lot of features with moba games, but our focus differs from traditional lane-pushers. We feel like the real altercations between warring factions are events the players miss, hence we put them into commanding positions and provide options to control and shape the battle unique to the genre. Aside from that, we promote the concept of fleeting allegiances. There is nothing as dynamic as a battle with three sides. You may ally up with the other team to push the dominating one from its throne, then backstab the other and claim victory for yourself. To make things even more intense we implemented a system for melee combos. Unleash devastating attacks by pressing buttons like you would in Street Fighter or similar games. That combined with skill shots for melee and ranged weapons ensure deep and satisfying gameplay.

We are also working on a campaign, similar to the ones found in the Total War series to offer a mode suited for solo players.

Here is a list of the key features:
Skillshot based combat system for melee and ranged weapons
Unleash devastating combos in melee
3 distinct factions with different combos, weapons and outfits
Construct turrets to fortify positions
Produce troops to overwhelm your enemies
3 team multiplayer mayhem
Progression system which promotes a variety of builds and strategies.
Built in Unity 5
Inspired by shooters, fighters, rts and mobas
Deep and engaging campaign

Currently we are looking for beta testers to give our standard mode (skirmish) and map a test run.
Download it here:

If you just want to talk, have suggestions, encounter bugs or problems, please leave feedback in the Tunngle forums or send it directly at

Also, if you like what you are playing, please

vote for us on Steam Greenlight

and support us on Kickstarter

Your help is greatly appreciated.

We from Chocolate Ship Games wish you all the best and are looking forward to working with you. We also want to express our deep gratitude towards the Tunngle Team, who gave us the opportunity to talk to you.

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook…ysticsandmadmen

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Tunngle Elite Group has new Members

EliteWe’re happy to welcome Tunngler UNDER_GREY and Blaczor.original in the Tunngle Elite!
The Elite is made by Tunngle Community Members that distinguished themselves in their great Tunngle Support.
Tunngle Elite members get various benefits, all the premium features for free, exclusive access to previews and the chance to help the team with Tunngle Development.

Thank you UNDER_GREY and Blaczor.original for your great work with the Russian Community and for supporting Tunngle on a regular basis.

Click here or more information around the Tunngle Elite Group.

The Full Gaming Experience

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Tunngle Version 5.5 Butterfly Reloaded

Tunngle55Tunngle 5.5 Butterfly Reloaded is an hotfix for the problems that some of you were encountering when finding/joining multiplayer games with 5.4
(we worked all night on it ?).

It also contains a little tweak for the embedded browser and a fix for the direct chat windows reciprocally stealing focus from each other.
This is a recommended update for everyone (reboot your PC after updating)!

We would like to thank all the members that kindly helped us with troubleshooting
(antzoo, spaceray, farm_TNT, johhnny89, thelegitimatepringle, sknop, Spaceray,
MasaKakihara, DeeYooReeYoo etc., sorry if we forgot someone but the list is really too long).

Download 5.5 here!