We designed Tunngle to connect the epic games of the past with the greatest games of the present. Our goal is to inspire developers and gamers to save the gaming heritage and use it as base for all future games.

We believe that entertainment should be simple, free and accessible to everyone. Our mission is to redefine the meaning and the purpose of “entertainment” in order to allow people from everywhere to have fun together. We’re convinced that an happy world is a better world and this is why we designed Tunngle to be like a place where people can play and enjoy their freedom together.

Tunngle is like Facebook, Twitter and Skype brought together. But that’s not all, Tunngle is much more. Tunngle is a free space where people can have fun and it’s the people that make it so special. This unique mix is what makes Tunngle an experience worth living for the several thousands of members that join our Community every day.

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