Tunngle Version 5.6 Dragonfly

TunngleRelease56Tunngle 5.6 Dragonfly implements a workaround for the Windows 10 Adapter Priority issue.

This is not a fix for the operating system (only Microsoft can do that) but rather a workaround to set the adapter on top as it is regularly happens on the other versions of Windows.
Also please note that due to the “nature” of Windows Os updating system the fix might not work for everyone (in 5.7 we’ll add more tools to work around the problem until Microsoft will fix their issue).
We recommend not to touch your network adapters after the fix has been applied the first time that you start Tunngle (it will take a while so please don’t terminate Tunngle while it runs).

We also fixed a problem with 10.x and 192.x network ranges, a freeze that was happening while hovering the nicknames in the chat and implemented debugging tools for those that cannot see the Tunngle Client Interface after doubeclicking the Tunngle icon (an error message should now appear, in that case please send us a screenshot of the error over the forum and we’ll do our best to fix it). We also fixed the system restore point failure on Win 10 during the Tunngle setup.

We would like to thank all the members that kindly helped us with testing (see the forum thread for the full list ;)).

For the full list of changes please check our Full changelog.

Official supported languages and Community translations:
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