Binding Priority Issue is a Windows 10 Bug

Setting the Network Adapter Binding Priority doesn’t work in Windows 10.
There is a short video which describes the current issue with setting the Adapter Priority and that the changes will not saved when pressing ok.
We hope that Microsoft take notice from this information and will send out a solution as fast as possible.

What does it mean for Tunngle? The Tunngle Adapter Priority is very important when it comes to LAN playing with Tunngle.
In order for your games to correctly recognize Tunngle as the main adapter for your LAN games[1], the Tunngle adapter must be correctly placed on top of the Windows Network Adapter Priority List.
When you install Tunngle, the Tunngle setup puts the Tunngle Adapter on top of the Windows Network Adapter Priority List so chances are that you won’t have to worry about doing this manually. Anyway, on certain occasions, like the installation of other network related software, the Tunngle adapter can be moved down in the list causing problems when you are scouting for games.

Windows 10 users can join the official Microsoft discussion around this issue on the Microsoft Community Forum.

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  1. I found a way to work around this

    1 set the tunngle metric to 10
    2 set any other connections metric to a higher value

    it seems to work for me

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