Tunngle Version 5.5 Butterfly Reloaded

Tunngle55Tunngle 5.5 Butterfly Reloaded is an hotfix for the problems that some of you were encountering when finding/joining multiplayer games with 5.4
(we worked all night on it ?).

It also contains a little tweak for the embedded browser and a fix for the direct chat windows reciprocally stealing focus from each other.
This is a recommended update for everyone (reboot your PC after updating)!

We would like to thank all the members that kindly helped us with troubleshooting
(antzoo, spaceray, farm_TNT, johhnny89, thelegitimatepringle, sknop, Spaceray,
MasaKakihara, DeeYooReeYoo etc., sorry if we forgot someone but the list is really too long).

Download 5.5 here!

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