Tunngle Version 5.4 Butterfly

Tunngle54Like a caterpillar turning into a Butterfly, Tunngle is evolving further and further.
This time we have some beautiful changes for you. Maybe the most striking change is our Advertising, we reworked our rotation like the butterfly gets rid of the cocoon and
we got rid of alot of ads. But the most amazing changes were done under the hood. We have completly reworked the Networking. More speed, more stability and more games.
Also the newer ones like Assetto Corsa.
You aren’t bound to the earth anymore start also evolving with Tunngle and fly.

Since the level of advertising has been decreased, we invite you to give our partners offers a chance in order to allow Tunngle to survive or to support Tunngle by purchasing one of our subscriptions.
Any minute that you spend checking one of our offers increases Tunngle chances to survive and gives the opportunity to new players to experience our service entirely for free.

Start your journey and download Tunngle 5.4 here.
For more information please check the changelog.

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