Tunngle 5.0 – Beta ends today!

Today is the DAY Tunngle gets officially released!

We would like to thank you and all the other 6 million players that helped us improve our software during the beta phase! Tunngle is now better, faster and more stable and it’s all thanks to the feedback that you submitted over our Forum. Using Tunngle to play your games during the Beta Stage helped us a big deal to understand what we needed to improve and we wouldn’t have made it to this point without your awesome support!

You’ll be happy to know that Tunngle 5.0 now features two skins: a new clear white skin and the good old black one for all those that enjoyed it so far!
tunngle skins




As promised Tunngle Basic, with all of its powerful features, will remain free for everyone!

No hidden charges or tricks. It is free, it will always be free.

If then you want to support Tunngle, you will get two options: the monthly subscription (2.99€/month) and the Lifetime deal (49.90€ one-time).





Before you resume playing, please allow us to say that development doesn’t of course end here!
We’re still working to make Tunngle the ultimate gaming tool and we can’t make it without your help.
Please keep your good support and feedback coming.


You are what made Tunngle what it is now and we’re honored to share this adventure with you!
Once again, thank you!

Meet you in the networks 🙂
Your Tunngle Team

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