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Hello Community,

After a summer of hard work (and only a few parties :)), we think that the time has come for a little roundup of the next Tunngle milestones.



(You’ll find the audio version of this announcement at the end of this post!)


As everyone can guess, the Tunngle Team has been working hard on several areas including the next version of the Tunngle client and the master-servers.

Information about these developments will make news in the following blog releases, where we will explain the work on the server side and we will introduce you to some of the upcoming client updates.

Today we would like to share some insights on our ongoing work on the new Home Page.

As any good Tunngle veteran knows, the actual Tunngle Home Page was released in 2010 and it was a major milestone that contributed to make Tunngle what it is now.

In these four years our Home Page was the door to access the Tunngle world and it was crossed by several millions of people. It helped to make Tunngle bigger and stronger and we are very happy about what we have achieved with it.

However during these four years the World Wide Web and the Computer World have evolved, not to mention that Tunngle has also improved thanks to the implementation of new features and of the anticipated Lifetime subscription option.

With Premium and new features now knocking on the door, we think that it’s time for a new major update.

This is why we’ve started to work on a new Home Page that better represents our Community and our Company.

The goal of the work has been to make it easier for everyone to understand what Tunngle is and what it does, while at the same time prepare the ground for our new subscription options.

In order to do this, we have completely reworked the site structure, the look and the contents. We enhanced the support section, improved the access to our Community tools (wiki and forum) and added more ways to enjoy our video content. We’ve improved the download page, the offer page, integrated more social media (like the Twitter feed) and added a list of the most played games in the front page.

We’ve also devised tools that will allow us to provide more localization options for different countries because understanding is the first step to learn the beauty of Tunngle.

But it doesn’t end here. As a part of the work we’ve decided to implement some of the Community Suggestions and to rework the registration system in order for it to be more simple and easy for everyone.

This was a major work but we’re happy to announce that, in the near future, registering a new account will be simpler and quicker.

All in all we hope that these upcoming updates will help you enjoy Tunngle even better and we’re confident that you will appreciate the amount of work that we’ve been doing for you!

Thanks for your continued support!
Your Tunngle Team

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  1. excellent, waiting for updates, good job Tunngle Team!!))

  2. shouvik.talukder

    Good Job! I’m waiting for updates 🙂

  3. Really great of you. I am have you worked really looking forward to the changes to which so hard.
    Thank you are !!!!!

  4. I really hope “more localization options” finally includes unicode support.

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