Job offers from Partner Stargate Modding Group

Check out the really cool Job offers from our Tunngle Partner the ‘Stargate Modding Group’. Just click onto the Links to get more information about your digital future.
Here is the news:

Dear community, as announced in the previous news we would like to speed up the development of our project. For that reason we would need reinforcements in the following areas:


Textures, Icons and Wallpapers are no problem for you? You would be perfect to help us illustrating our project!



You already made some ships, buildings or environmental assets? Every additional model would be a great help!



Getting stuff moving is your thing? We got some models waiting just for you!



You are not afraid of a huge wall of XML-code and have coded for EaW/FoC before? You would be a great addition to our team!



You have experience with the script language .LUA? We could create totally new gameplay elements with your help!



You want to create your own worlds? Fine with us as long as they have a Stargate!



You can give our units a voice, make things go “boom” or design ambient music? We need your talent!



You want to have TPC released in more languages than English and German? Help us to spread the word!


If you want to be a part of the team please apply via:

Don’t want to join but still want to help? Please apply via:

Please provide some of the work you have done in the past together with a little text about yourself with each application.

You can’t help with the things mentioned above? You can still help us by sharing the images below to spread the word!


Thanks to you all for being such an awesome community!

See you in the team!

The Stargate Modding Group

Mod DB
Stargate EaW Homepage



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