Tunngle is set to rescue all GameSpy games


Dear Gamer, Publisher, Developer and Modder,
as you heard GameSpy is permanently closing their Doors on May 31st 2014. This is very sad news for all those player that are currently using their service to play classic games
 online. Does this mean that it’s Game Over? Not a chance. Like in every fairy tale worth that name there is a white knight who is going to rescue the princess.

White knight? Princess? What the heck are you talking about? We’re talking about Tunngle! Allowing everyone to play classics games through the Internet has always been our goal since day one.
We programmed Tunngle to allow everyone to play LAN muti-player games on-line so that every LAN game could live forever!

And this is exactly what you need now! A costless solution to keep all your games alive!
Whether you are a developer, a publisher or a PC gamer, this is the right time to spread the word and to let everyone know that there is a piece of technology which keeps every game alive (for free!).
Tunngle has over 5 million registered members and it is growing.
You don’t want to wait more when you can be a part of it now!

If you want to know if your game is supported please take a look at our Network-Browser and search for it.
If you can’t find the right game network, don’t panic!
Visit our board and ask for a public network. We will do our best to set it up and get you ready to play your favorite multi-player game in no time!

If you are a Publisher or a Developer and you are looking for a cost efficient replacement for your game Master Server, you can easily integrate Tunngle into your project thanks to our Application Programming Interface. It is simple, it lasts forever and it has no maintenance costs! Read more.

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  1. i want play far cry 2

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