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TunngleAPIThis Post is for Game Developers, Publishers, Modders, those who would like to become such and of course all Tunnglers. The Tunngle Team would like to share something with you which until now has received little attention, yet nevertheless is one of our biggest features, the Tunngle-API.

Up to this point we told you the Tunngle-API is for interacting with our Client, but did you ever gave it a thought, which features you can use if your game or application interacts with our Client. No? Okay just read on and I will try to spare yourself the headache and explain it.

There are two little but powerful words which would describe it very well, “NETWORKING” and “USER-BASE”. At first let me point out the keyword, “NETWORKING”.

Every developer knows the pain in the ass of coding a good network infrastructure for your games. It’s a deadly monotonous kind of work and at least for us it’s something we would like to avoid while coding a game. But nowadays a game without multiplayer support is not able to compete with those who have this feature, at least at the desktop market, but also the mobile market is going into this direction.
Multiplayer support is a must have. So you can’t really avoid it, or can you? I’m telling you, yes you can! Just use the Tunngle-API and you are able to use our network-solution which was developed for the needs of gamers. Tunngle connects the users and does all the “boring to code” stuff for you. Concentrate on the fun part of game developing like creating a world and give life to characters, just let your creativity go berserk. We handle the boring part 🙂
Still not convinced? Okay let me ask you another question. Do you have the expertise and endurance to create a network-solution which is able to compete with the big ones? Yes? No problem try your luck, for all those who don’t, go for Tunngle!
Now you maybe think we are arrogant but let me tell you a story why I think we are able to deliver you a competitive solution.

Tunngle started as a solution to connect Login-Lanstation Cybercafes throughout Germany. The GmbH developed the first Tunngle versions to connect all these Cybercafes. At the peak, Login Lanstation even hosted the LAN relegation tournaments for the ESL (, Electronic Sports League) European equivalent to the North American CPL (, Cyberathlete Professional League) where the Counterstrike 1.6 Pro Gamer competed for the chance to stay or go up to the ESL Pro-Series.
 Players like Roman Ausserdorfer from Mousesports, in my eyes the best German Counterstrike player and for sure one of the top 10 in the world, used an early version of Tunngle on those tournaments. As you can see, even in the early stages of Tunngle we already played in the majors.

We didn’t stop to evolve, just a hundred gamers weren’t enough.
 We made Tunngle available all over the world for all people, at the moment we connect over 5 million gamer. 5 million gamer? Yes and steady rising, that’s a heck of a technology which is able to connect this amount of gamers without having performance issues. And let me add another fact, Tunngle is a German product developed by German engineers, the whole world knows what German engineering is standing for.
But we don’t only focus on highly efficient network protocols, we also try to push our/your security to the top. We maybe not seem to you like we care about security but I’m telling you we are, the focus is clearly lying on security and performance.
Ages ago we already realized the importance of internet security. We use the state of the art technologies like openSSL, AES256 and RSA-2048 and we are using our own TLS protocols. Tell me, do you know someone who is able to decrypt an asynchronous key exchange procedure which is encrypted with RSA-2048? You don’t, because even the RSA-1024 is up to date not decrypt-able.

I’m getting off the track, our security measures are self worth a complete insight report. Let’s try to concentrate on the part why Tunngle is the right solution to provide your game a stable, performance driven and secure network infrastructure.
As already mentioned we use some optimized network protocols for the needs of the gamers. But what else can we give you? You can use our Public networks, this networks are all the time available, all Tunnglers can join this network and connect with each other to play your game, there also the possibility to join with a dedicated server so all Tunnglers are able to connect to this server. And there is this fine piece of technology which is called Tunngle Interlink. Ever heard of it? No? Okay let me explain.
 Interlink allows you to link your public dedicated server into any of the existing Tunngle networks.
Once the Interlink is established, your server will appear in the LAN browser of the game for all the people that are online in the Tunngle network.
 Of course your public server will still be reachable as usual by all the Internet enabled players via its public IP. Isn’t it great?
For more detailed questions please contact us directly we would be glad to answer your questions and we are always open minded for new ideas.

At the beginning I told you there are two words which would describe the Tunngle-API, lets speak about the second one, “USER-BASE”.
Everybody should know with what kind of benefits a big community is coming. But our Tunngle Community isn’t just big, the Community is awesome. We have so many Tunnglers who contribute to all kind of stuff like developing own skins, sounds and other fantastic Fan Art.
 It’s just awesome. Yeah I know, call me captain awesome but I can’t find a better word to describe it.

Go your way with us and benefit from our passionate Tunnglers.
At last I would like to encourage you to reach out for us. As I said we are open minded and would be happy to cooperate with you.

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