How every new Tunngle version comes to life

Time to start filling the official Tunngle Blog with interesting Tunngle Insights around development, the team, current events and other stuff behind thes scenes.
Let’s start to share a few secrets around the Tunngle Development with you.

The RC – What is a Release Candidate?

A Tunngle Release Candidate is, potentially, a new version of Tunngle.
Whether or not it will become one depends on the results of the RC testing phase.

The RC testing phase!

When our head developer FirstCoder considers that a version is ready to be released, he sends the Release Candidate (RC from now onwards) to the team.

Here is what happens next:

1. Brioche gives the new RC a first shakedown and sends a preliminary report to the coding team.

2. If the RC has no major issue, he shares the RC with the Enthusiast Group and with other Community Members that distinguished themselves for their Tunngle support (if you’re one of them, please be sure that you regularly check your personal messages).

3. Every tester reports the issues that he finds back to Brioche (including descriptive videos and screenshots when necessary).

4. Brioche parses all the reports and attempts to reproduce every issue (checking it against the preliminary report and against any other known issue at this stage).

5. He then organizes the information into a sweet report and sends it back to our mighty FirstCoder which fixes the issues and presents a new RC.

6. When the new RC is ready, everything starts over from point 1 until it comes a time when no issue is found and the RC becomes a new Tunngle version for everyone.

Depending on the nature of the problems (and sometimes on luck :D) an average of 3-4 RCs can be needed to get every new Tunngle version ready for you.

How do you compile a new version?


1. Updates third-party components.

2. Writes the change-log in German.

3. Gets the English change-log translation from Brioche.

4. Compiles the binaries.

5. Signs the Tunngle binaries with the Tunngle certificate (for safety).

6. Gets the up to date Tunngle language files from Brioche (Community Translations from the Babel Project and Official Translations).

7. Compiles the installer.

8. Signs the installer (for additional safety to protect its integrity).

9. Uploads the new Tunngle version.

What happens after this?

10. Brioche & ZAX tests the installer once to verify that everything is working properly.

11. Brioche writes the English/Italian news and ZAX translates it to German.

12. Brioche sends the news for translation to the regional forum moderators.

13. ZAX updates the PAD file which is needed to notify our external mirrors that we’re releasing a new Tunngle version and prepares the news for our social platforms.

14. Brioche starts updating all the official download pages with the up to date information (version number, MD5 checksum etc.) and sets up the off-line installer mirrors.

15. FirstCoder enables the update on the server side and turns on the update notification for all the Tunngle clients.

16. ZAX announces the release on Tunngle social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & YouTube).

17. New version for the Tunngle Community!

18. Cakes and biscuits for the team!

This is how every new Tunngle version comes to life! 

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  1. Tunngle made our wish true. Which was to play LAN games with our friends over internet :).

    Many thanks to Tunngle team for their hard works to present the best program for we gamers!

  2. Great to catch a few insights around Tunngle. I’m always curious about these things. Thanks for that and gimme more 🙂

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